Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yesterday was good! Canned Coconut Milk (like for Pina Coladas) and Chocolate Almond Milk (from the dairy section) made my coffee Palateable. We ate hard boiled eggs (Lavagirl has taken to calling them "hand eggs" because you can hold them in your hand like an apple to eat!) for breakfast.  Lunch was Subway Kids' meals for the kids and nuts and figs and some stolen (from the kids) apple slices for me.  The Subway switch is a big one, and although I know lunchmeat isn't that great, it's gotta be somewhat better than McD's. Lesser of two evils, right?

Workout was the standard warmup and then 1 round (should have been 3 rounds) of 800m run, 50 Situps, 50 Back Extensions. Hubby says there's no way I'm doing Back Extensions right, so I've gotta go check crossfit youtube to find out.

Ok, so, I've been doing "swimmers" for a week and should have been doing "Supermans" whatever, Swimmers are BETTER THAN NOTHING!

Saturday's almost over and I'm just finishing the Friday post so I'll just swing straight into Saturday.

Woke up and made the kids normal Waffles and eggs, made myself an omelette with smoked salmon (in the foil pack) with Wal-Mart's Pineapple Salsa (all natural, very good stuff!).

Lunch was ...going to be Paleo... at a Japanese restaurant...I planned on just eating sushi...without rice. And then even though I made sure to check the No-Rice column, they gave me it on rice and I couldn't help myself. I ate the rice too. Then, the kids didn't eat all their Lo Mein, and it was REALLY GOOD, so I had some of that too. I know Soy isn't big in the Paleo world, but the Miso Soup was REALLY GOOD too so I had a bowl of that. Really, I  had a Japanese Feast. Mmmmmmm.............  I realized afterward that they probably use MSG, and that would be why I had a headache when we left.

Dinner was more of last night's Kalua Pig and Cabbage which I realize now I never even wrote about  yesterday.  We usually eat KP&C with rice, but I just didn't eat the rice. It was a bit boring because I cooked the cabbage separately from the KP, so I dumped on soy sauce and Wasabi Fumi Furikake (same as the cabbage snack the other night if you're following all this), and it was TASTY.

I should do a shopping report post sometime. I've been shopping a lot this week, just trying to determine if a paleo diet is even possible here in the midwest, land of Grain-fed beef, pesticide laden potatoes and genetically modified beets. It's definitely going to break the bank to continue this, but hopefully the savings on Doritos and Oreos will make up some of the difference.

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