About Me - and Goals for 2011

I am a former US Naval Officer turned Stay At Home Mom. 

My interests are varied, which was a good thing in High School. It was called "well rounded." I was in band and JROTC and JV Volleyball, and attempted (but sucked at) cross country, plus various clubs and Girl Scouts and you name it, I was probably involved. Unfortunately, not drama or anything with public speaking, which would have actually been useful in the long run.  Anyway, as a grown up, I'm finding that it's not so much "well-rounded" as COMPLETELY SCATTERBRAINED.  It would be great if I could focus on just one obsession. Hubby would love it if I'd focus on house cleaning. I try to. I really do. But then I think of something that "needs" done, like a bracelet, or a blog post, or bean planting, or breastfeeding. Certainly not bed-making or broom sweeping.  In 2011 I hope to get better at focusing on one thing at a time, or maybe just learning to manage and control the scatterbrain.

You'll see that I post about breastfeeding pretty often.  I probably qualify as a Lactivist, but realize that formula has to be available to those who truly need it. Before you get offended, please realize that I sincerely just want to help people overcome their nursing hurdles. I'm friends with plenty of formula feeders. It's not about judging and bashing formula feeders. It's about helping those who WANT to breastfeed, or who are trying to make a decision. If you've chosen to formula feed, I'm probably not going to be the one to change your mind. If however, you've wound up feeding your baby(s) formula despite your best efforts to breastfeed, I'd love to try to help you overcome your challenges next time or even get you help trying to relactate. I'm not here to judge. I'm here to help. For my personal breastfeeding story, click here.   In 2011 I plan to become a La Leche League Leader. The process has started already. Blogging and posting on Facebook are good, but they aren't really doing anything to help anyone actively, so I'm going to put my words into action and get out there and help some people. 

I've experienced all 3 options for birth, including 2 VBACs. First a C/Section for Breech, then a VBAC with the pitocin-epidural snowball, and finally, a completely natural VBAC. So, if you're offended (or inspired) by something I say about natural birth, please know I've seen all the angles. In 2011, I hope to post each baby's birth story on their birthday. 

I run barefoot, and the reasoning is very similar to my reasons for loving breastfeeding and natural childbirth. It all just makes sense! There are lots of posts on it, so I'm not going to explain more here.

It's barely October and I'm already making a "goals for 2011" list. Why? Because I hate new years' resolutions. Making a resolution at the new year is  like planning to fail. I try to plan changes and make goals at times of year other than New Years Eve. 


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