Sunday, August 1, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week Post

It's amazing that I've never blogged about breastfeeding, considering how often I post Facebook statuses regarding it.  Right now I feel obligated to post on the subject, but I'm not incredibly inspired at the moment.

So, here are my 3 personal breastfeeding stories.

Sharkboy is wearing a dragon costume. Lavagirl is changing costumes every few minutes. Currently she's a headless Elmo.

I definitely have lots of opinions on breastfeeding. Well, not really opinions, since they are supported by scientific evidence.

The Dragon just put on a cheerleader skirt.

Part of me feels like I shouldn't have to blog about this subject because it should be obvious to everyone that breastfeeding is best. There shouldn't be controversy or confusion about it.

Elmo has a head.  There's a wizard drinking from my breast. The dragon is lecturing Elmo that she needs to put on a princess dress.

Well, I can't seem to focus, and really, the Blogosphere is full of posts this week on the merits of breastfeeding. So, rather than rehash all of that, I think I'll just post my personal nursing history:

 First baby, awesome experience. He was a natural, no thanks to the nurse, who insisted that he stay in the warmer rather than get on the breast in the C/Section recovery room. Notice to everyone: There's a magical window of time, about the first hour after birth, where it is SO IMPORTANT to get the baby on the breast. It sets the stage for breastfeeding success, stimulates production, etc. I don't need to explain it here. Google it!

Lavagirl has on 3 dresses, 1 skirt, and a cheerleader uniform.

After 4 months though my milk started drying up. I tried fenugreek and BreastTea and all the natural methods to increase production before figuring out I was pregnant again and giving in to FORMULA. We supplemented with FORMULA more and more until by 8 months he was fully on FORMULA. Why am I capitalizing FORMULA?  I don't know. Maybe it's my way of pointing out that I've used it. I had to embrace it. The idea of supplementing with another mom's milk wasn't even anywhere in my mind. Maybe didn't exist in 2007. Even if I had, hubby probably wouldn't have approved of giving someone else's milk to our baby. Of course, processed, dried out, rehydrated milk from a farm animal is ok, but the milk of another human is questionable. Hmm.

Spiderman is playing computer games.

Second baby, born 14 months after first, pretty good natural latch, but was helped a little by the nurse, correcting the way she moved her tongue. She nursed till 15 months, and then I got pregnant again--or maybe I got pregnant and then weaned her. Whichever way it was, weaning and pregnancy were too close together to be sure. She was and is very small for her age, so I never really had to deal with being judged for nursing a toddler.

Third baby, awesome nurser from the beginning, still going strong at 9 months. He's got 8 teeth and is using them more than I remember #2 using her teeth. I may have to seek help soon from an expert to figure out what's going on with his teeth and my nipples.

There is a wizard sleeping on my lap. 

Breastfeeding is as natural as playing dress up. Why doesn't everyone at least try?

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Sharon said...

Such a GREAT post! And I love that you posted and capitalized about formula as well.

I tried so desperately to nurse both my girls - tried even harder with Momo and saw a LC 2-3 times a week. Fenugreek, tea.....did it all. Only made it to 3 months. Was really depressed and disappointed that I couldn't do it any longer. I had....shoot. What's it called? This weird thing with my breast - something-plasm.....I'll try and remember.

Anyways. IF (big IF) we have another I will try again and again and again....but not beat myself over it if it doesn't work out the way I want!


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