Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Enter to win! First Freebie Giveaway!!! Freebie Friday!! YOUR CHOICE!

Back in May, I posted that once we hit 30 fans, I'd be doing weekly freebies. WEEKLY? Seriously? Did I really mean that? Well, We're at 28 followers now, so lets hurry up and get to 30!

To hurry us up on our way to 30, here's a random drawing! Each entrant can get 3 entries:
To enter the drawing,

A. Comment below with the title or subject of my post you like best.
B.  Share a link to this freebie on Facebook (see the little "share it" button on the top right?)
C. Share a link to another Crafty Crofts post that you like.

Each entry needs its own comment since I'm going to use a random number generator to choose the winner.

You must be a follower to win, so be sure to click "follow." Here is the selection of stuff the winner will have to choose from:

RARE Creative Memories Stickers:

Cheerleading and Gymnastics pack OR Harvest Laser Orchard stickers

A texture cube:

OR, one of these fabulous Aliens!
This giveaway will close on October 8th, 2010.


PegHead said...

example entry: I like "why I run barefoot."

PegHead said...

Example entry: I linked to the freebie on FB!!!

PegHead said...

example entry: I linked to "How to achieve your VBAC" on FB!!

A & W + E = Coleman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A & W + E = Coleman said...

I like your "why I run barefoot" posts. Sorry for the computer is going nuts. Also, I think I am #30. :)

cschreiner said...

I like "Recycled Basil"

cschreiner said...

I linked to "Recycled Basil" on fb

cschreiner said...

And now I've linked the freebie on fb

Amber said...

I liked How to achieve YOUR VBAC!


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