Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby and Kid Friendly Coffee Shop!! Cappucino and Company, Scottsbluff, NE

When I wake up wishing I had a reason to drive an hour to Scottsbluff, so I could get some coffee, the place deserves a review!

Finally, a coffee shop that I don't have to fear taking my kids into!

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The coffee is terrific! I usually get the "caramel nut cluster" latte, but they have lots of other flavor options. As someone with a sweet tooth, most coffee shops don't put in enough sugar to cover the taste of the coffee, but this place finds a happy medium between serving hot syrup and sour nasty coffee.

The first time I went in, I wasn't a customer. We were shopping across the street at JoAnn's Fabric and my potty-training toddler needed a potty break. JoAnn's directed us to the coffee shop across the way. The young man behind the counter didn't bat an eyelash as we hurried in and out. I noticed it was a cute place but that was about it.

My next time in, I had only a newborn in a sling. I wanted to patronize them because they had let my kid pee. Seriously, is that such a strange reason to drink some coffee? Not to mention, this town is an hour away from home and I always need some form of caffeine to make it home. So, anyway, this time I looked around and saw a small area full of TOYS. Not only aren't there all kinds of fine breakables down on kid level like in so many other small as well as franchised coffee shops, there are TOYS. So, it's not just safe to take your kids, kids are actually invited!!!!!!  This last time I finally took my 4 y/o, and he had a ball playing with the toys and even some other kids!

They are apparently Breastfeeding Friendly, as I've BF'd there multiple times now, with no problem from customers or staff. I DO NOT use a cover when I BF, but nothing hangs out.

Seating options are varied. They have big comfy chairs, small tables, and even a large kitchen table like for having a meeting around.

They do not have a drive-thru, but now that I've tried the place in Gering that does have a drive-thru, I'll be continuing to go to Cappucino and Company.

As if this review could get anymore positive, THE MENU ISN'T CONFUSING. It's a straight forward menu with clear descriptions and no funky, confusing terms or fancy size terms.

They do have baked goods but I haven't tried them yet.

Consistency. Each time I go, the same coffee drink is equally good. These mom-n-pop coffee shops don't always have consisistency from day to day, the way McD's and Starbucks do. Cappucino and Company hasn't messed up yet!

They have art on the walls for sale, and some of it is really cool. I need to go over and take some pictures to add to this post. I tried to take pics of their sign with  my iPhone last time but none came out. Next time, I'll go prepared with a real camera.

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