Thursday, April 22, 2010


Sharkboy has been wanting a Snuggie since before Christmas, thanks to the nearly constant commercials for them on Sprout leading up to Christmas. I thought it was silly, so kept saying no. Then Special Stitches announced everything 30% off, and I decided to make snuggie-type things, but personalize them.

I started with the pink. I cut it to the size of one of Tyler's blankets, and then folded it in half to find the middle and eyeballed where to put the arm holes.

Using the excess length, I sewed two sleeves and attached to the holes.
When Lavagirl woke up, she loved it! and it wasn't even done yet.

and then I worked on the orange one. I wish I had put his arm holes further apart, but hey, it still works.

Here's where they are BETTER THAN STORE BOUGHT.

I personalized Sharkboy's with a knight's shield and his initial. Lava Girl's is still waiting to be embellished. I plan on a tiara and her initial.

Here's a video of Tyler enjoying the long sleeves on his. He wouldn't let me shorten them...

and I can't figure out how to embed video, so click the URL below the pic it will take you to YouTube:


The Stiffs said...

Looks great. If you want to know how to embed video, message me on FB or give me a call. It's pretty easy. I can walk you through it. You are very talented!

Sharon said...

WAY better than store bought! Momo was looking over my shoulder and SQUEALED when she saw "Lavagirl" wearing hers! We all give it two thumbs up! GREAT JOB!

Christine said...

oh I SO want to make one for Lil E now!!!

Mom said...

That is really cute. Is it open in the back or pull on over the head like a cape?

PegHead said...



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