Thursday, April 22, 2010

Twirl dress for LavaGirl-Part 1 of 3

I often drool on things on, but rarely buy. It has to be REALLY AWESOME for me to buy from there for some reason. One day, as I was surfing and drooling, I found this dress pattern. At about the same time, Lava Girl climbed onto my lap and went NUTS over the dress. For $4 I couldn't NOT buy the pattern. I have plenty of scraps to make it from.

Then I got intimidated by the gathering involved, went Ebay and bought a "Ruffler" for my sewing machine. That will have to be a whole new post. I cut and sewed the squares while I waited for the ruffler to get here. Then I waited to have time and guts to try putting it all together.

WHY DID I WAIT? I didn't even need the ruffler. When I make another one of these, I'll just do it. No elastic, no gathering, Just pin and go. So easy, and SO AWESOME.

These pics don't have the bottom layer on yet, because I stopped last night, not knowing if my short girl would even need that last layer. I'll add that layer tonight if SharkBaby lets me. Then I'll post a pic of it all finished and on her, if it ever stops raining long enough to go outside and take a pic of her twirling in the grass.

Thank you "SweetShop" for making my little girl Extra Cute!!

Since I returned the serger that my parents got me for my birthday, I'm going to finish this with pinking shears to stop fraying on the inside seams. The pattern says to serge or zigzag the edges, but well, no, I'm too lazy. We'll see how this works. I am going to buy the serger on Friday and try again with it. My mom was right, if I'm going to keep sewing lots, I need it.

Thanks MOM for knowing what I always need.

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