Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sibling Shirts

  Back when I was still pregnant, I wanted coordinated brother/sister shirts for the kids to wear when they came to see the baby at the hospital. Unable to find what I really wanted, I designed these myself on Creative Memories' Digital scrapbooking program, Storybook Creator 3.0 plus. Then I had them printed through

At the same time I had another shirt for me made by SpreadShirt, and it was just words printed on the shirt. It came out much better than the kids' designed ones. They are more like iron-on transfers that I could have done myself. So, I was not impressed by spreadshirt.

I've tried multiple times to get a "good" pic of the 3 kids, but didn't succeed before Wyatt outgrew his shirt.

Since it's hard to see in the pics, here are the designs:

Sorry for posting an old project, but I'm half-done with a bunch of projects and blog posts and just not ready to publish those...  Curtains, 2 DreamSlings, a rant about the CPSC, and Snuggies coming soon!


Sharon said...

Peggy - I love them! So different from what you find (when you CAN find them) in the stores! :)

BTW - why couldn't I have known you when I was living here in Hawaii before? When I had Kailani (2002 - were you even here?) I really wanted to babywear and bought a sling....but didn't know ANYONE else....not a soul that wore their babies either! I had a really hard time positioning the sling, positioning her, etc. :( Luckily when I moved to VA I joined a BW group and learned the proper way! I miss those days (well, errr....sometimes!)

PegHead said...

Thanks! and how funny that I had the opposite experience as you. I got pregnant with Tyler in VA in 2005, and no one I knew did cloth diapers or babywearing! Then I moved to Hawaii and it seemed like everyone was into it! Now I'm in Nebraska and I might as well be on the moon with both. Thank God for the internet.

And no, I only lived in paradise from 1984-89 and 2006-08.


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