Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stuffed Pork--Fancy Food!

So, Hubby grabs groceries from the commissary when he goes for his Navy reserves drill weekend. He grabbed a plain pork tenderloin last time. I've cooked lots of the flavored ones before, but never a plain one. So, I googled for something yummy, and this is what I went with, from Chowhound. Go there for the actual recipe. I'll just put the basics here.
The night before I had to brine the pork and also put some garlic to soak in a cup of wine.
The next day:
First I had to butterfly and pound flat the pork into a giant rectangle.  Add herbs to wine/garlic mixture, spread on pork rectangle.

Then I rolled it up and pinned it together with toothpicks since I didn't have any twine. Covered it in a Honey-Lemon sauce and finished off with a liberal sprinkling of freshly ground pepper.

While it baked, I basted it every 10 minutes. I stuck it with a thermometer after 7 bastings and it was perfectly 160. After resting it until hubby got home, sliced and served with garlic bread and wine. Mmmm....The kids even loved it!! I think the Honey helped.


Sharon said...

"Fancy" = scary. lol But you made it look and sound very doable! Might just give it a shot!

But you know, I was a vegetarian for many, many I still get a little spooked when cooking meat. I've NEVER used a meat thermometer....guess I should get one! Maybe that'll make me less scared! (Always afraid it's going to be undercooked!)

PegHead said...

Meat Thermometers are awesome. My mom never used one and is a great cook. My hubby introduced me to them (I broke his and had to buy me a new one), and I really like poking a hole into the meat to know it's done instead of cutting it in half to look at the color.

Alton Brown pointed out that if you're using regular grocery store pork, todays farming processes are so full of antibiotics and all that good jazz that there is very little chance of getting sick from undercooked pork. That being said, meat thermometers are CHEAP and work great! The one I got from walmart even has the temps you want to look for on the little sheath, so you don't have to go digging through all your cook book's indexes to find out what you need. Thanks for all your comments Sharon.


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