Saturday, April 28, 2012

Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Wow, I haven't posted since July! Oops! Well, this isn't going to be much of a post. We went to Scarborough Renaissance Festival today, outside Dallas, TX, and while I'd love for this post to be full of pictures of the awesome costumes I sewed for the kids (I really did sew pieces and parts), instead I'm just going to put up links to the vendors that I bought something from or wish I could/would have. I am staying up past bedtime to add pics for you! Feel free to Pin them!!

In no particular order, except that I'm putting the ones we actually purchased from at the top: (bought my skirt hikes and Matthew's mug loop, great salespeople --willing to help) I bought my Leather covered Wine Skin. They also have turtle shell bags. Pretty sure Matthew bought his leather bag from them at Denver last year. REALLY COOL costume wear, chemises, fairy chemises, Matthew's pirate shirt  Waldof Style Dolls, dressed in Ren Faire type outfits. Adorable. Faces made out of leather, like tree faces sort-of. put on books and boxes. Way cool. Ghillies shoes and original design open-toe type ones too. Can do thin soles. Faerie corsets, interesting dresses for under corsets, very cute cropped corsets. $$$$$

Just for good measure, other Ren Faire businesses I like: The most amazing corsets, blouses, skirts, etc. Steam Punk but also Ren.  They aren't at Scarborough though, and I'm really tempted to drive to Oklahoma city next weekend to try on their corsets!!!

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Anonymous said...

Peggy!!!! Great post, looks like tons of fun. We all really miss you on facebook.


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