Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recycled Basil

I needed fresh basil for a recipe and being the dead of winter, I had to go buy it at the store. They didn't have any small containers of it, only a HUGE container. So, I brought it home, used what I needed and wondered what to do with the rest. It was very fresh, so I decided on an experiment. I sliced a few on an angle through their growth points, and put them in a jar of water. I knew they would root if this was done as soon as they were taken from the plant, but wasn't sure how it would work since they had probably been cut at least a day or so earlier. Maybe even a week! Who Knows?!

One of them grew a root so fast and big that I had to trudge through snow to my shed to get potting soil and a pot for it.

Here is a photo explanation:

The root in the jar picture was over an inch long by the time I planted it--about 5 hours after this photo was taken!

So, I put it in potting soil in a pot the same day that picture above was taken, and now, almost 2 months later, here it is, and this is after making a turkey sandwich with a layer of basil:


Now, I just need to get a pretty pot for this free plant!!


Sharon said...

NO WAY!!!! That is awesome! The girls have been really interested in planting....maybe we'll try something like this! :)

cschreiner said...

So I tried this about a month ago. After a week of no roots I was going to throw them away but got sidetracked. Go to throw them away yesterday since I don't need to move a failed experiment and 2 of them rooted! So now you need to make a post on how to keep basil alive and thriving for those that lack a green thumb.


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