Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scarf and T-shirt dress experiment --with applique!!!

So, Kaila has a dress that's just a cheap white toddler girl wifebeater (camisole?)with a skirt sewn on. She LOVES it, and wears it ALL THE TIME!  So, I bought a 4-pack of t-shirts and intended to use some of my DreamSlings fabrics to put cute skirts on them, hence the ruffle research that led to the last dress attempt.

But then....Kaila got into my bag of scarves that I've collected for future creations, and I decided to try to make a dress from one.  Here's what happened:

The Scarf

Fold scarf in quarters,  cut off point:

Cut apart, line up, fold down twice:

 iron, sew with straight stitch, then do the ruffle technique from the last post:

Sew to the bottom of the t-shirt:

Ok, here's where I messed up:

First I put right sides together  and sewed, but it made a strange poufy skirt. Poufy could be good, but this was NOT GOOD. So, I took it apart, and sewed it back together, with the skirt on the outside.  That's how it is in the picture below, and I haven't taken it apart to try again, but if I do, I will sew it back together with the skirt on the inside and t-shirt on the outside, using a zig-zag stitch, so it stretches a little with the shirt.  
If I make another one (not likely), I'll use 2 coordinating scarves, so there's not so much open space between the triangles and it's a little more modest. Then, I'll use elastic to ruffle it, instead of the loose-long stitch  ruffle system that doesn't stretch.
Then, I decided to spice up the plain white t-shirt with some applique. Using a Creative Memories Custom Cutting System template, I cut a heart out of the leftover center of the scarf. Then I cut out a smaller heart freehand, and zig-zag stitched them onto the shirt.

As if that weren't enough experimental creating, I decided some ribbon flowers would be just perfect. So, thanks to Google, I found out how to do it from Make It Do.

I wound up not using the flowers on the dress, but I'll do another blog entry on them. and maybe I'll make a hairclip to go with the dress. But why? Since she'll probably never wear it outside the house

Here it is:

I really like the skirt part, but the top doesn't really work with it. 
Back to the drawing board, or in my case, ironing board.

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