Monday, January 3, 2011

I make Milk, What's your Super Power?

It's old news that Facebook is against breastfeeding. They shut down group after group of breastfeeding fans. They delete people's private breastfeeding photos. Meanwhile, dirty pictures proliferate on the site. It always annoys me, but most recently they shut down The Leaky Boob, and that is a REALLY good site.

I would LOVE to boycott Facebook, but with friends and family all over the world, that just isn't going to happen.

I had posted a plan here to flood Facebook with real obscenity reports, but The Leaky Boob and other Facebook BF Advocates think that is not the right approach, so since it's not my own battle, and I was only trying to help them win their battles, fine. Don't go reporting stuff like nasty porn because I told you to. This was never about telling you to report every cleavage shot out there, just the really truly nasty stuff that would be sold in magazines that have to be wrapped in black plastic. Evidently, The Leaders don't think even that stuff should get reported. Okie dokie.

The two people who did report high amounts of obscenity reports will be getting aliens from me in the mail as soon as I have time to make more.

For some humor, here are some dirty pictures from my personal collection:

Phallic Rock on Molokai
Yes, These Mynah Birds are doing the deed. I thought they were fighting.


Nicole said...

I reported 107.

lil _ elocin (at) yahoo dot com

PegHead said...

Nicole you deserve a Freebie. I'll contact you via email to see if you'd like an alien or some scrapbooking stuff!

these aliens, if you haven't looked around:

Bailey's Mom. said...

I reported 194 *Sigh* and there are so many more to go :(( I hate facebook so much.

PegHead said...

Here are the aliens. I'll let you be surprised at which one you each get!


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